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Dante S Amato

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Music enthusiast, an inspiring guru and author of sublime life lessons, Dante S. Amato, brings you his book about gratitude as a guide on being present. A never-talked-before theory of reflection and gratitude.

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By: Dante S Amati
About the Author

Turning life experiences
into inspirations.

Self-awareness, self-control and human-freedom are what forms the core of Dante S. Amato. Passionate and driving influence from through music diversity, he uses the language of music to deliver the message to the masses – a language constructed on diverse connotations yet rhythmically coherent.  His family book places the themes of gratitude as center that transforms life experiences into inspirations.

My Vision

“If you want, you go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”—believing this ideology, the aim of his little book of gratitude and his writings is to help the readers reflect and be more grateful. Living in a community requires us to find that connection of emotion and become our best version.

My Mission

His mission is to leave a lasting impact on the world and contribute to meaningful purposes. Living a not-so-normal life and as an innovation leader, empowering others is just another life goal he is working on.

My Goal

Inculcating the values of self-development, gratitude, and meditation, his goal with this thoughtful composition is to bring out the goodness in his readers, maturing them as humans and evolving their long-held values.


My inspirations

Growing up in a large yet loving family, Dante learned his life values from a young age. Experiencing the true meaning of music and lyrical compositions, music production opened an outlet of expression for him. Incorporating the essence of musical construction in his writings, he helps find the readers a way to explore peace and appreciation.

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Collected Stories

The day Of Happines

My work of creation

The bestselling new release

July 7, 2021

The thoughtful composition is abundant in crucial life values. Count in your special moments, cherished memories, and unforgettable life events to create your very own family relic. Strengthen the bond with your loved one through thankfulness and everyday experiences. Learn appreciation, scrutinize yourself, and reflect on moments with those you love. Start penning down your family times with a recently released copy of this book of gratitude. If you are looking for Best Book on Personal Development then Dante S. Amato is the right choice for you

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Positivity, motivation, assurance
—this is how I inspire success

We are what our mindset believes in, and life approach reflects. You are fewpages away from changing your life all over.

What the readers have to say ?

"Motivating and focused—the book enables you to improve every day with thank you notes and self-reflection. Anyone looking for self-enhancement should definitely have a copy"

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"A composition for people of every day and gender. It helps you get to know about yourself and your loved ones—and it is also a thoughtful gift for someone you hold close to your heart"

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    New Stories and Lessons

    Life events, motivation, and inspirations, lessons, and tips—all that you need to learn gratitude and appreciation. Focused on values and passion, get yourself the right help you need to win in life.

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